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    HENRY VIII: who let all these dang wolves in my hall

    WOLF IN TUDOR HAT: aaroo

  2. Hey! I've probably mentioned this, but I'm in Canada for a lot of the summer, because my mother just had another knee replacement (moms, right?), so my reading habits are firmly in Rural Canadian mode. Which is to say: plenty of re-reading, and finding out how successful my familial book recommendations have been recently (very!) This, of course, is also why you don't know how I feel about the new season of The Newsroom yet.

  3. I'm really excited to talk about this Helen Garner novel, The Spare Room, but first, let's talk about how I came to be reading it. I was traveling with my best friend and her parents, which is the sort of thing you usually do in high school with people whose parents can afford to go nice places and yours can't, so they bring you along, and you feel grateful and awkward and young, but this…

  4. As mentioned in our inaugural post, books are everything to Mallory and I. We are lifelong fools for books, and we want to share that with you. One way we'll be doing that is our Emily Books Book Club, which you'll be hearing about shortly from the titular Emily, one is the glorious Jaya Catches Up, and another is probably going to be me just telling you what I'm reading, and how I…