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  1. How To Talk To Babies About Postmodernism:

    BABY: [knocks plate off of table]
    ME: that’s right
    in postmodernism we reject the notion of ‘totality’

  2. BABY: [knocks plate off of table] ME: that's right in postmodernism we reject the notion of 'totality'   ME: what book do you want to read do you want to read 'Go, Dog, Go' or 'Pat The Bunny' BABY: buhh ME: are you saying Bunny? BABY: buhh ME: that's right resist the metanarrative here is no such thing as outside-of-the-text the dog can go nowhere…

  3. How soon is too soon to begin introducing basic theory and Lacanian self-definition to an infant? A primer. ME: what do we need to understand before we can understand post-structuralism BABY: fnehhh ME: very good we need to understand structural linguistics now what does "fnehhh" mediate between BABY: fnehhh ME: that's right it mediates between abstract ideas and reality BABY: fnehhh ME: you've made your point, don't belabor it…

  4. Previously: How to talk to babies about Marxist theory. BABY: read dog book ME: are you ready to find the antecedent BABY: [holds out book] dog book ME: okay are you encoding or decoding right now ground yourself in context before looking for meaning BABY: [waves book] ME: thats right find your spacetime coordinate   ME: [jingles keys] BABY: [gurgles happily] ME: okay baby what are you laughing at [jingles keys] are you laughing…