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  1. A couple months ago I agreed to be interviewed for a story on my experience as an asexual woman. The read-back I was promised never happened, and the story was published without my approval. It not only contained misleading statements, but had been written—sans consent—in first person. And one of the more egregious inaccuracies stuffed in my mouth was this: “In many ways I’m just like your

  2. Jade Sylvan's previous work for The Toast can be found here. In high school, my parents said I went through “phases.” I would cut my hair short, lift weights, and dress super butch one year, then I would grow my hair out, get highlights, go on diets, and wear tight dresses and heels the next. Sometimes in my butcher phases I'd smash down my breasts and deepen my voice and actually try to “pass”…

  3. Previously in What Your ____ Says About You: Posters and cats.  Sugar Cookie: It is deeply important to you that you be thought of as a welcoming person. You have been known to refer to your house as a "refuge," and sometimes hope that others say the same thing about it when you are not around. "Odor Remover": You are not messy because you do not care about cleanliness; you are messy because the thought…