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  1. Of all the pitches and submissions we receive at The Toast every week, I'd guess that about eighty-five percent or so are from women. Of those, I'd guess about half are from first-time writers. Of those, I'd guess about half begin with an apology for not pitching properly or having a half-formed idea or for existing in the first place. Which means that every week, a lot of women apologize to me for wanting to…

  2. Wait, that sounds terrible. Obviously, we mean you can now purchase Mallory Ortberg and Matt Lubchansky's comic masterpiece for the low price of $20.

    Give one to a friend! Give one to someone who harasses you on the street!

    The Toast does not endorse giving presents to street harassers. --Nicholas Pavich, publisher.

  3. This Classic Toast post originally ran on August 28, 2013.