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  1. If Lea Salonga were your best friend, your text messages would be laced with song lyrics, things you were too shy to tweet, and the occasional dreamcast prediction for the live-action Mulan.

  2. American society is always interested in what makes us Asian; it is rarely, if ever, interested in what makes us American. If no one understands what can happen when that second half of the term is stripped from us, no one can keep the injustice committed against Japanese Americans from being committed against other communities.

  3. Toast! I have returned from New York and Hamilton a changed person, a better person, which may sound like unforgivable hyperbole but is the absolute my-hand-to-God Truth.

  4. "A Graphic Novel is Still a Book" (to the tune of "A Secretary is Not a Toy" from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying) A graphic novel is still a book Yes, a book Take a look Stop telling your students That they shouldn't read them If they were just taking a look, yes! Remember that even you Once hated Hemingway too For god's sake just be glad It's a book.   "JSTOR"…

  5. Your friends would describe you as...

    a. Practical but romantic

    b. Adventurous

    c. A rebel

    d. A lover

    e. A gold-digger


    What minor role did you play in Fiddler on the Roof in middle school?

    a. Fruma Sarah

    b. The Constable

    c. Bottle Dancer

    d. Avram

    e. Villager #4


  6. The real question posed by Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma! is this:

    Would Ado Annie and Laurey's problems be solved if they just set themselves up as spinsters in a romantic friendship on Laurey's farm and dumped Jud, Curly, Will and Ali on a wagon bound for California? (All Most of the problems!)

    I kid. Sort of.

  7. When I was fourteen, basically the greatest way to spend an afternoon was to turn the volume all the way up on my CD player (so vintage) and dance and sing along to the cast recording of Wicked.  I did this for hours.  I had that CD memorized.  I even had blocking – limited, of course, to directions like “during this line, stand on the chair” and “during this song, spin around on the bed,”…