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  1. You're gonna see a lot of birds in your life, my mens- and my womensfolk, and you have got to be prepared at any minute to look at em. Do I wish it weren't that way? Heck yes I do. It's not fair that we have to be on the lookout 100% of our days for skymouths, feather nuggets, reverse dogs, angel centaurs, whatever you want to call them, "air skunks." The sky needs to…

  2. Owls love nothing more than straddling the line between CUTELY WISE and "terrifying skymouths," so you've gotta watch 'em at pretty much all of the time. You ever seen an owl in a painting, my friends? Let me offer you one piece of certainty in this life: no matter how messed up a painting is, if it's got an owl in it, the owl will be the most messed-up part, no matter how many…

  3. Exhibit A, courtesy of our own Josephine Livingstone:


  4. Past Birds of the Month can be found here. The problem with talking about owls is that there are so many kinds. When I say “owl”, do you think of a dozy, sweet-faced barn owl or the uncompromising burrowing owl?