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  1. Apologies in advance, obviously

    "You're apocryfull of it"
    Septua-get outta here
    Canon u gnostic

  2. Easily the best part of Christmas vacation is reading the paper at one of your relative's houses (because you can't afford a newspaper subscription; are you kidding me? Those things are like $300 a year!). It's particularly delightful this time of year because all of the journalists get to write at least one ridiculous "wacky holiday tradition" article stuffed to the eyebrows with wonderfully bad puns. This year, the LA Times chose rightly to…

  3. Dear Toast Readers, before this relationship we have goes further than you reading the title and my name, there’s something you have to know about me. It's very sad, and I want you to prepare yourself: It’s about my family. Look, it’s a tragic fact of biology- some genes just don’t mix right and you get conditions endemic to a whole set of otherwise nice people. In my family, however, it’s a little worse than…