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  1. Devonshire is known for its rich pastures, downs, pleasant woods, and total lack of beaux.

  2. Father is gone, Fanny
    he died this morning
    not on the good couch?
    the what?
    the good couch
    you know how i feel about relations dying on the good couch
    that's for guests only

    no no, my love
    he died in bed
    whose bed?
    his bed
    that's all right then

  3. When your partner worries about the declining health of his beloved parents whom you grudgingly help support: "If you observe, people always live for ever when there is an annuity to be paid them." When criticized for underpaying interns: "Five hundred a year! I am sure I cannot imagine how they will spend half of it; and as to your giving them more, it is quite absurd to think of it." When disapproving of your…