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  1. 1. Because you haven't been able to find a stable office job in more than four years and coffee shops are some of the only places you can afford to spend more than half an hour in without having to admit you can no longer keep up with your friends financially

    2. Because your parents romanticized blue-collar labor

  2. SOME GUY, KEATS PROBABLY: my god, sir knight
    what has happened to you?
    you look like some sort of lake without sedges
    a sedgeless lake
    if such a thing can even be imagined
    no sedges on you
    a sedgeless man

  3. This week was the full feelings buffet. Remember, you can always come back for more:

    Celeste Ng called How to Make Yogurt in Manila by Grace Talusan ‘beautiful and moving’ (on the Twitter machine) so you don’t have to take our word for its awesomeness.

    “Things That Are Meant To Make You Feel Safe And Comfortable In A Psych Ward That Just Make You Feel Crazier.” Episode by Naadeyah Haseeb will tear

  4. The Toast's previous coverage of Benedict Cumberbatch, including Nicole's highly erotic fan fiction, can be found here.

    "Tear In Your Hand," Tori Amos

    "Send In the Clowns," Judy Collins

    "A Man / Me / Then Jim," Rilo Kiley

    "You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man," Loretta Lynn

  5. Nicole Froio's previous work for The Toast can be found here. The house was little but cosy inside, if a bit cluttered. The decoration was a mixture of old-fashioned bird plates, award plaques and black and white pictures. Charlie showed me in and kindly offered me a cup of water (a blessing in the heat of Davey, South Florida) and John McNeill immediately greeted me, supporting himself with a cane in one hand and…