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  1. What makes some women cross to the nether-centuries is beyond me. Here is an ordered list, from Horrifying to Most Horrifying, of women who have traveled to the Past.

  2. I promise that if I ever step through a ley-line, a weirstone, a swirling vortex, a mysterious portal in the ziggurat I have just unearthed; if I ever fall asleep after whispering "I wish I had her life" while watching a shooting star from my bedroom skylight; if I ever hit my head while watching a movie about the Battle of Dunkirk; if I ever tell an insightful homeless person with surprisingly white teeth and a knowing gleam…

  3. DAY ONE Traveled through time today. Not quite sure how it happened, but here I am. Have decided to remain faithful to my husband, David. DAY TWELVE Three of the rough-around-the-edges prospectors here have volunteered to guide my coach back to the Colorado River and perhaps, from there, civilization and the chance to return home. At various points throughout the evening, each one of them pressed a copy of their room key into my hand…

  4. I wake up in a cheap motel off of the interstate, in a small anonymous town somewhere between Fort Laramie and Boise. It’s August 2015, the middle of summer, and I’m freezing. Motels always seem to overshoot the mark in comfort, temperature wise, but I’m grateful for the real mattress and the clean sheets. Most nights I sleep in the back of my van or on my friends’ couches. I’ve spent the last

  5. im sherlock holmes lets solve crimes but definitely not have feelings oh im learning what friendship is and also solving crime at the same time what a surprising turn of events

    i prefer scarves to people, make a GIF of me

    i don't have time for social niceties OR the authority of the Pope

    john shave off your mustache while you are

  6. 1. Don't kill Hitler 2. Don't kill Mark 3. Kill Mark 4. Fuck you Derek 5. Derek doesn't exist 6. Don't go back in time and stop Derek's parents from meeting each other 7. Don't go back in time and have sex with Derek's mom so it turns out you're his actual dad 8. Nobody tell Derek who his real father is 9. Don't go back in time just to draw a dick on Mark's…

  7. According to the Phantom Time Hypothesis theory, the period between 614 AD and 911 AD didn’t exist; the history normally attributed to that time is either a misinterpretation or a deliberate falsification of the evidence.  If this were true, Charlemagne (reigned 768-814) never existed and the year 2012 is actually 1715." Of course. Of course. The very fact that this possibility has never once occurred to me seems now to be the greatest argument in favor…

  8. Put on your best dress of sprigged green, pull out some maple candy, and come make yourself at home in the dugout. The Center for Reincarnation Studies has found the re-bodied soul of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Little House on the Prairie Series. "Although the present incarnation of Laura Ingalls Wilder agreed to The Center for Reincarnation Studies using her photograph, she does not want her name revealed. This is her story." My…

  9. Previously in the Ronbledore saga: J.K. Rowling “regret[s] pairing Ron and Hermione together (because Ron is a time-traveling Dumbledore).” J.K. Rowling has long attempted to downplay the existence of Ronbledore in early drafts of the Harry Potter books. A recent court order has released these never-before-seen drafts that have only been the stuff of legends. Until now. "In OotP, Ron is nearly strangled by some purple wizard robes while cleaning up Grimmauld Place. Who do we…