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henry im sherlock holmes lets solve crimes but definitely not have feelings
oh im learning what friendship is and also solving crime at the same time
what a surprising turn of events

henryi prefer scarves to people, make a GIF of me

henryi don’t have time for social niceties OR the authority of the Pope

shave off your mustache
while you are at it shave off your feelings as well
my face is smooth
like my heart

henryi dont like emotions OR the house of York
wheres my tea and also drugs

henryjohn hobbit you are my roommate but also my friend
no dont smile
dont say thank you
youve ruined it now

henrybe quiet
the game is on

henrymartinjohn in one way i’m teaching you about crime
but in another way your teaching me about friendship
we’re both learning
only youre learning more because im really quite smart

henrywatsonjohn if you don’t help me produce an heir i shall cut off your head

henryi know everything about you from your gloves
i have a thousand peacoats and absolutely no emotions

henryi notice everything
thats why my face is so long
to better notice things

henryhoo boy
almost had a feeling there
that was close

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