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  1. I have visited this well before. the dishwasher is broken which we kept under the sink i tried starting it but it makes that thwumpa-thwumpa sound i have left the dishes in the sink which you were probably hoping to use for dinner i would wash them myself but they never seem to get as clean as when you do them probably because i do a purposefully half-hearted job of scrubbing in…

  2. This is just to say to whoever ate the plums in the icebox you could have just asked me if you could have one my name was on the box and i don't have a meal plan that was literally all i had to eat for the weekend and I was saving them for breakfast so i hope you enjoyed them i guess next time just ask

    and honestly i would really appreciate

  3. Previously: Texts From William Carlos Williams.

    this is just to say
    i have eaten
    the plums
    that were in
    the icebox
    but when i opened it again later
    the plums were back
    as if they had never left
    only this time
    they were
    glowing slightly

  4. Previous entries in the series can be found here.  i have eaten everything that was in the icebox you should probably go to the store again. -wcw i have eaten the little red wheelbarrow that was in the icebox and upon which so much depended forgive me i don't even know why i did that i guess i thought it was one of those little ice cream cakes you know the kind that they…