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What a lovely week we’ve had together!  Here are my very favourite posts:

1. Mallory’s The L Word character ranking:



“Dana! Remember when you were alive? That was so great. I’m so sorry Ilene murdered you.”

2. I am more impressed by L Bear’s piece this week than by most things in the world.

3. The monks came back, the very next day, you thought they were goners but the monks came back, they just couldn’t stay awaaay.

4. My Mother Stole $30K From Me, And All I Got Was This Stupid Sense of Closure

5. The pathetic self-justifications of Ronbledore deniers.

6. Mallory’s more gimlet-eyed revisiting of Go Ask Alice.

7. The pro-chemical science piece you’ve been waiting for.

8. My grandmother, the time traveler.

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