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“Butch? I’ve been thinking. Maybe Smitty’s right about us. Maybe we are shallow.”

As always, some thoughts:

1. This is why the Kids were, and are, undeniable. In the hands of lesser men, this would not be a loving, affectionate, insider-y tweak at Canadian gay (stairwell) culture; it would be cringe-inducing gay drag. Not so the Kids. It helps that Scott Thompson was gay, of course, but the characterization here is nuanced and perfect. Dave Foley’s barely-conscious sing-song is a thing of beauty; it is the audible equivalent of the white short shorts he wears. “Iss-syoos.”

2. Oh God, it has only just now occurred to me that there must be an enormity of Kids in the Hall slash fiction out there. I either want to read all of it, or never acknowledge its existence again.

3. Nobody sprawls like Scott Thompson sprawls.


5. Every group of gay friends has a Smitty. If male, he wears sweater vests and clings to respectability politics; if female she criticizes the appearance of butch women. Both are terrible, but you love them anyhow.

6. There’s a whole section of commentary videos from the Kids themselves on YouTube and now I will watch them all, see you in about four days.

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