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erotica penPreviously in The Toast’s coverage of adult sexuality: Erotica written by an alien horrified by the human body.

However many of them there were at the time strategically exited their clothes and proceeded to do what frankly is none of our business.

The two of them eschewed sex for more practical uses of their time, and as a result excelled in their chosen careers.

If any of the parties involved reflected inwardly on any particular images or memories during the act, let us draw a mental curtain over it; we can surely agree that their thoughts are not our collective property.

Together they attempted to strike a balance between the desire for privacy and the desire for disclosure and communication of oneself to others, in light of the environmental conditions and social norms set by the society in which they lived. Whatever conclusions they reached are purely their own.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary arousal deserve neither liberty nor arousal.

An invitation was extended. It was neither made nor offered to you; therefore there cannot possibly be a legitimate reason for disclosing further details.

A request was made and honored by the relevant parties involved. What concern is it of yours?

To be left alone is the highest form of respect and courtesy one human being can pay another. Why not offer your respect to this happy couple, and withdraw from the scene?

The two of them moved in concert in a specific location; I am not required by law to be more specific than that and you cannot compel me to be so.

Fluids were produced and ingested. The order in which this occurred, and from which corresponding body said fluids emerged, is irrelevant.

An appurtenance was met with asylum, and things proceeded from there. You are not welcome here. Begone from this place. You have not been invited, and are not likely to be.

They were naked. Are you happy, knowing this? Everything does not need to be shared. Live your own life.

What is true freedom? To demand nothing from others, and to have nothing demanded from you. Her panties were red. This is not information you require.

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