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  1. "Keep your...keep your dick warm while I'm gone, then."

    "Best of luck with your whole genitals."

    "I have more fingers than orifices. That's true for both of us. For all of us, humanly speaking, when it comes to being embodied. More fingers than orifices."

  2. Part One here. "Certain damp crevices were of great interest to them; other damp crevices were carefully avoided. There appeared to be little logic behind the distinction, but there it was all the same." "Hands that had very recently been used to pet a cat were now inserted inside another human being's vulnerabilities." "Although both parties were close enough to one another to be heard using only a very quiet voice, they both insisted…

  3. He stands with his back to the room, gazing out a window glazed with rain, a snifter of fine Scotch gripped tightly in his left hand. I notice the whiteness of his knuckles, the hair curling over them in still-black rococo swirls. He is still angry. He doesn’t know I’m watching him. That fact makes something unfurl warmly in my abdomen--a rush of heat, like a heating pad that warms you from the inside, said…

  4. I remember being told in high school, during a particularly dull unit on Puritan literature, that there was a time, not that far back, when fiction was still considered suspect. Reading was supposed to improve the reader somehow. It should be a true story, informing you of more about the world than you knew before; a history of some important place or figure; or at the very least, a vehicle for moral teachings.

  5. Previously in The Toast's coverage of adult sexuality: Erotica written by an alien horrified by the human body. However many of them there were at the time strategically exited their clothes and proceeded to do what frankly is none of our business. The two of them eschewed sex for more practical uses of their time, and as a result excelled in their chosen careers. If any of the parties involved reflected inwardly on any particular images…

  6. Leonard refused to let me go. He stroked my back, his breath in my ear. He began purring, which was bizarre. The sound rumbled in his chest, making him vibrate. He’s never done that before. It reminded me a bit of a cat, the sound soothing, as well as intimate and appealing. I felt myself softening towards him, melting into the warmth and comfort of his matted fur. He carried me to an animal pelt

  7. "They mutually thrashed their softest, most vulnerable parts about in a horrifying normal attempt to seek pleasure at the other's expense." "Their mouths, which mere minutes before had been employed in the process of demolishing and ingesting various foodstuffs, were now jammed up damply against one another while still being used for breathing, which must have been more than a little uncomfortable." "Bits of one jammed into bits of the other, dangerously close to some…

  8. Solace Ames and Suleikha Snyder are both writers of erotic romance in their thirties. Suleikha is known for her Bollywood romances with Samhain Publishing, and Solace Ames has a series of BDSM erotic romances coming out with Carina Press. They’ve been writing and playing the erotic field for several years. Solace Ames: Suleikha, how did you come to be a romance…

  9. A few months ago, an erotic writing colleague mass-messaged me asking I wanted to participate in a project to let Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James know that she had supporters by adding her as a Facebook friend en masse. This was aimed at counteracting some of the vitriol that's been sent James' way in the wake of her trilogy's 70 million-selling success from the erotic writing world (as separate from those claiming…