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decameronPreviously: Lift like a serf, eat like a baron – My Medieval Diet Plan

9 Quick And Easy Dinners That Involve Sewing The Top Half Of A Pig Onto The Bottom Half Of A Peacock [Slideshow]

Fish: Is It Meat?

How To Cook Literally Anything With Buckwheat Groats Because That’s The Only Thing You’ll Be Eating For The Rest Of Your Life, Peasant

Shoving Bodies On A Spit And Turning Them Over A Fire For A Long Time: A Great Way To Serve Dinner And Justice

Water: Only If You Have To (Are You Drinking Too Much Of It?)

DIY Everything Because That Is Your Only Option

Stabbing Your Host And Seizing His Lands: The Dos and Don’ts

Tearing Bites Out Of A Big Old Roasted Turkey Leg And Yelling “More Wine!” With Your Mouth Full: A Primer For The Newly Ennobled

Tomatoes: What Are They, Can We Trust Them, Are They Poison

Breakfast Is A Sign Of Weakness

Fill An Oxen With Quail

Sumptuary Laws And You: Take Off That Hat, Your Grandfather Was A Blacksmith

Put Herring On Everything

How To Make All Of Your Own Clothes Because That Is Your Only Option

Porridge vs. Pottage: The Debate Rages On

The Six Most Common Mistakes First-Timers Make With Fountains Of Spiced Wine

Tired Of The Same Old Weeknight Dinners? Why Not Serve A Rabbit Trussed To Look Like Pegasus?

Miniature Edible Castles And You

How To Make A Cold Supper That Tastes Just As Good After Three Weeks In Your Saddlebag Riding To The Holy Land As It Did Last Night

Salt And How To Use It

Fill A Roasted Bear With Gilded Apples, Then Carve It At Table To Surprise And Delight Your Guests From Nuremberg Who Will Die Of Summer Fever Later That Evening

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