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The Common Core State Standards reflect the skills and knowledge that students will need in order to succeed in college, career, and life. Understanding the various milestones students will be expected to meet is essential for implementing the standards successfully. Failure to do so could result in the loss of an entire generation to darkness.


Students are expected to read and diagram complete sentences in all manner of languages, both spoken and unspoken, visible and invisible

Grade 1

Students are expected to send forth their spirits from their bodies a’nights in the form of a black dog

Grade 2

Students are expected to do battle with the Hanged Man. Students should also be able to distinguish between Folk Writing and Witch Writing with their Sunday eyes.

Grade 3

Students are expected to spend the night at a crossroads, facing a churchyard, armed with a tin of salt and a bar of iron, without prompting or support. Students should also be prepared to identify the four major Queens of the Guileless Folk from memory.

Grade 4

Students are expected to identify and resist the tactics of Rhinemaidens, the Lameth, Necks, nymphs, sirens, and all manner of revenge spirits

Grade 5

Students are expected to participate in the annual Tithe to Hell and to select a Tam Lin from their own numbers, without prompting or support

Grade 6

Students are expected to pass the Test of Running Water. Those who pass will go on to do junior-high-level work; those who fail will be torn to pieces and buried under a mountain of salt, lest their unseelie remains assemble under a half-full moon and take to the Corpse Roads.

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