What To Expect When You’re Expecting A Changeling: Forum Names On Message Boards For First-Time Mothers Of Changelings -The Toast

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erlkingThe Tithe To Hell And When To Pay It

Dealing with the Queen of Elphame

Iron safe to touch on FODMAPs diet??

husband refused dance with elf-king’s daughter, now front door won’t stop knocking?? HELP

[Comments closed for this post] Erlkönig really something to worry about? My MIL said…

Found foxglove under my pillow and now I can’t stop conceiving despite not having sex? anyone else having this problem?

Six Months In and Still No Sign Of Titania’s Scourge

Homeschooling okay for shadow folk??

Hands Won’t Stop Trembling

at 30 weeks, dislike my klog krone

anyone else have luck throwing their changeling in the chimney?

caul safe to eat after birth?

Due Date keeps receding, calendar dissolving into mist, looking for natural remedies

how to breastfeed with baby Full set of Fangs

“Come here and ye’ll se a sight! Yonder’s the Fairy Hill a’ alowe” didn’t work

Acceptable Sacrifices to the Stoor Worm

baby has a Bricht and Monnlicht Face…should I be worried?

Lining Door With Salt And Iron, Baby Keeps Getting In

Bargaining With The Norn

saved once again by Katie Crackernuts

Safe to ride with Tim Lin through Carterhaugh in first trimester?

Changeling already screaming through the night, eating ram’s heart at six weeks

Support For Mothers Who Lose Maist Brawly Sons To A Lady Bold

Dogs won’t bark, hens won’t lay – sign of Nicnevin or just the Wild Hunt?

husband insulted the Finfolkaheem on his last voyage – will a circle of salt about the hearth work?

brewing beer in a thimble or eggshell? VOTES ONLY, NO ARGUMENTS

Weaning changeling from blood after two years

waiting for the Rye Mother

Common Acronyms

MOSC = Mother of Suspected Changeling
DH = Doomed Husband
SaSS = Shades and Shapeshifters
CC = Constant Cackling
BC = Broken Crucifix
EBM = Evil Baby Music
FF = Fatal Fog
TTC = Trying To Conjure
IVF = I’m Very Frightened
BFN = Brownies, Faes, Nixies
SAHM = Spells At Home, Mostly
BW = Baby Wizard
VBAC = Valravn [Raven of the Slain] Beckoning and Calling

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