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Smitten by Kassia’s beauty, the young emperor approached her and said: ‘Through a woman [came forth] the baser [things]’, referring to the sin and suffering coming as a result of Eve’s transgression. Kassia promptly responded by saying: ‘And through a woman [came forth] the better [things]’, referring to the hope of salvation resulting from the Incarnation of Christ through the Theotokos. According to tradition, the dialogue was:

“-Εκ γυναικός τα χείρω.” (Ek gynaikós tá cheírō)”-Kαι εκ γυναικός τα κρείττω.” (Kaí ek gynaikós tá kreíttō)

His pride wounded by Kassia’s terse rebuttal, Theophilos rejected her and chose Theodora as his wife.”

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