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  1. When I learned about the goat who refused to leave a Tim Hortons in Martensville, Saskatchewan, I cried real tears. At the time, I was sitting in a café. It wasn’t a Tim Hortons café, unfortunately, because I decided to go to grad school in America. It’s a decision I question every day of my life. Because: aren’t we all the goat who just can’t seem to quit Tim Hortons?

  2. In my line of work, I come across the names of many, many high schools—every high school in Canada, in fact. So I began a tally with myself of the number of schools named after women—at first out of curiosity, and later after developing something of a righteous rage.

    Many schools in Canada and the US are named after their towns, and Canada’s wealth of delicious place names gives these

  3. 100% genuine gossip, sourced by Our Woman in Hastings County. Information provided for entertainment purposes only, keep it to yourself. Previous installments can be found here and here. Which propane company has been undercutting the competition by not charging HST? Shouldn't have expanded so far off the Mohawk reservation, the competition must have dropped a dime on them to the tax man, but you can always count on them to show up, and…

  4. I shattered my iPhone screen and it UNRELATEDLY ceased being willing to email attachments or links from itself (they'll send, but then they do not arrive at their destination), so instead of The Bartender's charming work, let us all (or at least some of us) mourn the loss of Lois Lilienstein of Sharon, Lois & Bram. My daughter and I sing "Skinnamarink" to each other every day.

  5. Previously in this series: If Natalie Dormer Were Your Girlfriend

    1. If Sarah Polley were your girlfriend, she wouldn’t be annoyed if you showed up to the Toronto International Film Festival with cat hair on your carefully pressed shirt. She’d lean into you during screenings and you’d smell her hair and sigh.

    2. If Sarah Polley were your girlfriend, she'd hold your hand at anti-austerity protests and share your

  6. If you are unfamiliar with The Littlest Hobo (we shall dispense with any pointless remarks about the American film or brief 1960s TV program that preceded it), it was a Canadian live-action television show from the late-1970s to mid-1980s aimed at children in which the title character, a dog, roamed solo from town to town solving crimes. He cannot talk. That's a real thing that happened on television. I would now like to share some Wikipedia…