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  1. The West has a storied history of taking from India.

  2. PROSPERO: what is this place
    CALIBAN: it is the island of --
    PROSPERO: an island eh
    very well
    i will buy it
    CALIBAN: you can’t d --
    PROSPERO: i’ll buy you too
    while im at it
    how much for you plus the whole island
    CALIBAN: i --
    PROSPERO: shut up
    that was a rhetorical question

  3. My third-generation Hokkien Chinese-Malaysian mum was born in Malaya, three years before its independence from Britain. Having the onerous position of being the third-born child and oldest girl in a family of twelve siblings, she grew up waking at 4am every day, going to the yard, killing a chicken and preparing it for her brothers and sisters. Later, having failed her Malay O-level and thus barred from nursing training in Malaysia, her Commonwealth status allowed…

  4. Nostalgia has a funny way of giving you a complex. It seems to inspire obsession in a concentrated way, further ostracizing those who weren’t in on the joke the first time around. This has happened to me a lot. I don’t like singing along to Disney movies as much as my friends are convinced I do. I think I watched about five episodes of the original Ren and Stimpy run. And the worst is that,…