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  1. I thought I was familiar with every subterranean-race theory; I've even read Jennifer Toth's The Mole People, which is maybe one of the most discredited works of journalism ever published??? (I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND IF YOU EVER WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT, or even just Dark Days, TEXT ME IMMEDIATELY). And yet I was not familiar with the Los Angeles Lizard People, until Christian Brown helpfully caulked that particular gap in…

  2. Anne is usually described as the intelligent, cultured, beautiful wife of the doctor in Glen St. Mary, Prince Edward Island. But her mysterious origins may hold a key to the bizarre episodes of her time-traveling children.

    Those of us who spent our childhood and teenage years obsessively reading L.M. Montgomery books instead of getting drunk in basements and smoking illicit cigarettes in our friends’ cars (full disclosure: definitely did way

  3. Did the America Landings really happen? Did Christopher Columbus really sail all the way across the Atlantic ocean using nothing but boats and things in boats? Or is this just another bizarre conspiracy, much like the Kennedy assassination, Liechtenstein, and cheese? Let’s look at some of the inconvenient facts history books don’t want you to know about.

    1. Every person who claims to have seen these events first-hand is either dead or…

  4. Stage I - Initiation "I remembered my friend's birthday, which is good." Friend, are you troubled by persistent waking blackouts? Do you tremble and shudder and flicker out of consciousness when asked to recall basic facts about your acquaintances? Does your right eye fill with blood whenever you have to try to remember your PIN? Let Lumosity patch over those mysterious missing blank spots in your sick and addled mind.

  5. "I want a rare steak and I want to see those two men pound each other." - Trudy Campbell For a show that prides itself on realism, understatement, and period recreation, Mad Men spawns some crazy fan theories. Megan is Sharon Tate! Don is D. B. Cooper! Cutler is a CIA mole! Bob doesn't actually exist! Despite the fact that none of these things happen (or are likely to happen), fans keep churning them out…

  6. According to the Phantom Time Hypothesis theory, the period between 614 AD and 911 AD didn’t exist; the history normally attributed to that time is either a misinterpretation or a deliberate falsification of the evidence.  If this were true, Charlemagne (reigned 768-814) never existed and the year 2012 is actually 1715." Of course. Of course. The very fact that this possibility has never once occurred to me seems now to be the greatest argument in favor…

  7. The SCP Foundation is a wiki of purposefully disturbing stories and images. Click any (NSFW) links in this piece at your own risk! I’ve never understood why creepiness was regulated to Halloween. January, to my mind, is an infinitely more disturbing season. The sun all but disappears, and on my ever-darker walk home from work I am even more careful to avoid looking in the windows of the abandoned house on my block. Chilly spots…