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  1. You know how "the customer is always right"? That phrase takes on a whole new meaning when you get inappropriate questions about your racial and ethnic background in your place of employment.

  2. "Pretty soon I learned some lingerie truths: older women only buy black pants and the "returns" counter was a perfect place to experience the ­British middle class attempting to get in touch with their anger."

  3. Now that I’ve gotten to where I am, a lot of people come to me and ask for advice, and the most common question is, “What steps should I take to be a successful customer service agent?” And the first thing I do is ask them back, do you mean someone who likes to do a little customer service on the side once in a while? Or do you mean a real, full-time, support-yourself type of customer service agent? Because there’s nothing wrong with the former. A…

  4. Life in a theme park is full of questions and fluids.