“The perfect place to experience the British middle class getting in touch with their anger” -The Toast

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anger“Pretty soon I learned some lingerie truths: older women only buy black pants and the “returns” counter was a perfect place to experience the ­British middle class attempting to get in touch with their anger.”

“Tales From The Fashion Shop Floor” (featuring friend of the Toast Bim Adewunmi!) is up over at the Guardian. There is no end to my desire to read horror stories from people who work in customer service; the gold standard, as always, remains Not Always Right, but I am willing to add more to my list if you will tell me about them in the comments.

Also, the English are inscrutable; could someone please explain this to me? They hold up earrings to catch the light, rub their thumbs over leather as if they are rubbing sugar into butter, and wait for the magic to happen.”

why would you rub sugar into butter with your thumb

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