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  1. What is it about tea that is so wonderful, so calming? It is a delightful elixir, sweetly fragrant, older than coffee and more subtle. It’s not especially difficult to make a good cup of tea. So why is it almost impossible to get one here?

  2. Smarties - Mateus Rosé. Both are slightly fizzy on the tongue and a Rosé won't overpower the Red Dye No.3.

    York Peppermint Patty/Junior Mints - A Castilla y León that you can buy at a gas station.

    Dum Dums - An Old Fashioned. Skip the garnish and use the lollipop as a stirrer. You're the fun

  3. To Whom It May Concern: I have some advice for you. 1. Sell walkers with the cut-up tennis balls already stuck onto the bottom of the back two legs (I assume this is for additional friction and stability; the fact that almost every walker I see has tennis balls on it leads be to believe that walkers are dangerously unstable when sold as manufactured). Why should somebody who’s using a walker have to go buy…