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  1. Waking from a dream you don’t remember but that nevertheless was powerful enough to leave you with a sense of of having been with people who are somehow both friends and strangers, as well as—you suspect—your ex + complete empty space in the part of your brain where today's day of the week should be + encroaching dread that it might, after all, still be a weekday + rueful…

  2. Horror at suddenly remembering something stupid you said a decade ago

    Hungry because you've been eating nonstop all day and you've finally gone from painfully full to just regular full and that's what feels like hunger now

    Sexual resentment

    Seasonal fear of death (autumn)

  3. In 2014, feelings have been verified. We live in an era where people don’t overtly talk about their feelings IRL -- as much as they let it out in tweets with hashtags and blog about them to strangers on the world wide web. Lo and behold, the Internet has birthed a new breed: sad girls. No, sad girls aren’t the girls you see walking around with the teary-eyed gaze of someone who looks like they…

  4. This is an auto-generated systems update to inform you that your feelings are no longer considered canon and have been flagged as spam. While we realize your feelings may be important to you, the volume and frequency have triggered an automatic alarm system in our servers. It is for the safety and protection of our other users that we have removed your feelings from canon continuity. ♦Why are my feelings in Spam?  Your feelings may…