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  1. This is a big piece of why I’ve been hesitant to jump into beautiful Charleston. This is why I’ve felt the weight of so much sadness as the excitement of making a home in a new town has begun to subside.

  2. 71 BC – Spartacus, leader of a slave rebellion against the Roman Empire. Although he was presumed killed in battle during the Third Servile War, his body was never found and his fate remains unknown.

    probably dead by now though

  3. I have researched and explored the lives and experiences of English women and men who faced fertility problems in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. I have become so immersed in their world that a friend who is a modern day OB/GYN teases me that I talk about my historical subjects as though they were patients.

  4. Here are three biopics you should know if you don't already, all centering women who accomplished extraordinary things and were overlooked in favor of their male contemporaries. These movies were either made on a small budget and received relatively little media attention, or were, for various reasons, barred from wide distribution in the U.S. All will inspire you to reflect on the lives of women we know too little about.

  5. Architecture is more than the sum of its visual features or appraisal value -- it can be a permanent marker of a place’s values, history, and thought processes. Whether or not we always like what it says or how it's presented, saving and preserving some of it is crucial to understanding who we are and where we live.

  6. The process of reconstructing the past is fascinating, and that’s why I want to spend time working through its complexities and writing history myself. But if I honestly recall what drew me to reading about the past in the first place, it is fiction. Specifically, children’s historical fiction presented as the diaries of girls my age, living through various periods in Canadian and world history.

  7. Women are expected to do this job out of love or biology. Teaching is seen as “fulfilling” for us; satisfaction the only reward we should need.

  8. I imagine Geach and Wallace in the lecture halls, in the libraries – the famous Radcliffe Camera at the Bodleian, maybe, not so different from the room where I read their work. They’re greedily soaking up Western literature. They’re searching for themselves, but they keep finding the same stupid story: a woman experiences a sliver of life, then kills herself because of a man.