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  1. You know how "the customer is always right"? That phrase takes on a whole new meaning when you get inappropriate questions about your racial and ethnic background in your place of employment.

  2. She probably meant no offense; she just forgot her manners or, more likely, slipped and gave voice to the truth she believes, the truth that lives in her head. Unlike her, I didn't have the luxury of forgetting myself or my place.

  3. You'll have lots of opportunities to talk about what you're thankful for tomorrow, and we'll have a nice open thread for you then (and the newest DAD MAGAZINE.) But it's nice to have a place to have a good, solid, whinefest about your stupid cousin and the fridge door you had to duct-tape closed because we now breed turkeys the size of emus. Your orthotics cost how much? Your sister borrowed your copy of…