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  1. My love for Prince is well established by this point, but there is something I must confess--between Morris Day & The Time’s performance of “The Bird” and Prince & The Revolution’s “Purple Rain” in the film Purple Rain, Morris Day hands down should have won. You know deep in your hearts it is true. Together we can enter our new, free reality together.

  2. Previously in this series: If Vin Diesel Were Your Boyfriend If Prince were your boyfriend he’d let you have your friends over for pancake breakfast, just because he knew they saw that Chappelle’s Show sketch and would get a kick out of it. You’d know that his real specialty is egg sandwiches on buttery bagels, and he saves them for you. If Prince were your boyfriend he’d encourage you to buy as many jumpsuits…

  3. Everyone here is on board with Prince, yes? Prince is the greatest. He is the only person who can say “I sincerely wanna f**k the taste out of your mouth” and you’ll be like “well yeah, that makes sense.” But what does he really mean?


    This is how it's gonna be

    If U wanna be with me

    Ain't no room 4 disagreein', uh

    1+1+1 is 3

    In his

  4. I. The Ubiquity of Prince Ephemera

    Hilton Als wrote one of the strongest memoir pieces in recent--as well as not-so-recent--memory, published by Harper’s under the title “I Am Your Conscious, I Am Love: A Paean To Prince.” The masterful way in which Als deconstructs abstract gender identities is applied to formulate a personal saga. Particularly, the convoluted nature of Prince’s prowess as a performer is digressed in dichotomies of masculinity and femininity, interspersed with…