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  1. 9:17 am: Sleep with a source.

    10:00 am: Sleep with my boss.

    10:58 am: Find a powder-blue Oxford shirt that doesn't quite button up over my breasts. Buy eight.

  2. There was nothing Sir Walter Scott delighted in more than a pair of flashing eyes. No one is safe from them. Whether you are a fiercely proud Jewess beset by seducers and knaves, a set-in-his-ways baron who disapproves of the young men at court, a mad bride, or just the Fair Maid of Perth, sooner or later your eyes will flash.

  3. He's so hard to shop for! He's just so hard to shop for! He is just so hard to shop for! Aren't men just the hardest to shop for? What can you buy a man? A handful of dust, and nothing.

  4. "The Toast turned into a Kyle Mooney video channel so gradually, I hardly noticed."

  5. How to describe the moment I decided that I would Do Something I Wouldn’t Normally Do For A Period Of Time? There I was, Doing Something I Would Normally Do, when I thought, hey, why not Do Something I Wouldn’t Normally Do instead? So I got out of my comfortable bubble and I Did Something I Wouldn’t Normally Do, For A Period Of Time. You won’t believe what happens next.

  6. Previously: It's a bunch of years after The War and everything is different. It was the first day of school and the last day of my sixteenth year. It was also the last day before everything changed, which made tomorrow the first day that everything was different, and also my birthday. Nothing ever changes in this town, until the day everything changed for good. I've lived in this town my whole life, and everything's…

  7. Because I cannot resist a sword-and-sandals movie, I saw The Legends of Hercules in 3D this week. ("This guy reminds me so much of Kellan Lutz," I said repeatedly of the actor who played Hercules, right up through the credits when I learned that it was Kellan Lutz). In fact, the further back in time a movie is set, the likelier I am to see it; this is why I am the only human alive to…