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  1. I've got a CRUSH on you

  2. As excerpted from the work of Shulamith Firestone, and the staff writers of Cosmopolitan and Forbes.

    Don’t buy her the sexual nature of Cleaver’s agonies.  Don’t compliment her on her outfit. Women are the only  ‘love’ objects in our society, so much so that women regard themselves as erotic. Screw the cheesy love songs and candy hearts. Break a few rules and the incest taboo operates to restrain his total

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, friends and mild lovers. It's time to show those special someone(s) that you care (assuming you do). These delightfully dismissive Valentines are perfect for letting the people in your life know that, hey, you have plenty of other things to think about, too.

  4. We were sitting on the porch of Dead Rat Beach, having some terribly important discussion about fake punks versus real punks, when I said: “You know who K is like? That whiny prick Neil from Real World Four. ‘There’s not enough intellectual stimulation in this house.’” I rolled my eyes. But Alex just blinked at me. He had no idea what I was referencing, the way he often had no idea what I was referencing.

  5. Emily L. Stephens previously improved your Christmas movie choices and told you how to do a The Shining viewing party right. St. Valentine’s Day is an excuse to express our most intense or obscure passions. But words can be a frail tool to capture the complications and complexities of this thing we call love: the sweet blush of infatuation, the kinship and kindness of true companions, the frenzy of unfettered lust, the torments…

  6. Most recently in this series of unspeakable torments: New Year's Fallout. To: Katie; Allison;; Caitlin; Ashley; Ali; Morgan L.; Jen From: Nicole Date: January 24, 2014 Subject: LOVE IS IN THE AIR LADIES Hey, Ladies! Okay so Valentine's day is right around the corner and as we all know, usually I am TGFHOWMGACHH (totally game for hanging out with my girls and cursing Hallmark holidays) but I am afraid I may be on…