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frontbackObviously, we love our original shirt, which will always have the ultimate hipster street credibility of being The First, but we put our heads together and decided to roll out one that a) you can still have before Christmas, b) comes in black, c) is hoodie-optional, and d) buries its misandry in plausible deniability:

(Remember that you always have the option of taking to the sea.)

That could mean ANYTHING, you know?

I’m no merch expert, but Nick says these are slightly higher quality material. I also promise this was not an attempt to give you buyer’s remorse, we just got a ton of plaintive, touching emails begging for a second shirt, and who were we to say no? Thanks for the text suggestion, Linette!

Oh, we’ll be designating this thread as a place for shirt swapping, incidentally. If you get yours, and you want a large instead of a medium, or now you’d rather have a hoodie, come do a shout-out and see if there are Toasties who want to email off-line to sort that out.

Orders must be placed by Dec. 13th!

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