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  1. Have you always longed for the ability to wrap your torso in evidence of Ronbledore, but lacked both the courage of your convictions and the necessary textiles? Long no more, friends. Here is help at last. Bust out your purchasin' fingers and hie thee hence to Teespring and order yourself a passel of Ronbledore's Army T-shirts. "Will half of the profits go to the original artists Kendra Wells and Matt Lubchansky?"…

  2. Obviously, we love our original shirt, which will always have the ultimate hipster street credibility of being The First, but we put our heads together and decided to roll out one that a) you can still have before Christmas, b) comes in black, c) is hoodie-optional, and d) buries its misandry in plausible deniability:

    (Remember that you always have the option of taking to the sea.)

    That could mean

  3. A Toast t-shirt (or tank, but not the military-industrial-complex kind*) that incorporates our little logo AND encourages its wearer and all on-lookers to ponder the wisdom of violent misandry? Of course you do. You have seven days, just like The Ring, and it'll be in your hot little hands (or those of your dearest friend or worst male enemy) for Christmas.