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business“Let’s make sure that our bases will touch. I will touch your base to my base.”

“Together, we will all circle back. The circle will be mandatory, and it will never end.”

“At the end of the day, it is night, and we are alone in the dark.”

“We have no skin in this game. All of our skin is elsewhere. There can be no skin in the Skinless Games under penalty of flaying.”

“You are the Thought Leader; you must lead our thoughts.”

“I will reach out to you. Let me reach out to you. You cannot keep me from reaching you. We will all reach out to you, and we will touch your base.”

“It is what it is. All things are as they are; nothing can change now. All things same, no things new.”

“We must do that going forward. We cannot look back. We cannot go back. We must go forward, all together; looking back will destroy us. Do not look behind you.”

“You must never go where the rubber meets the road. Your death crouches for you there, whispering your name through its jaws.”

“Soon the COB will come. The Close of Business will be here. We must prepare; we must prepare. There will be no business after the Closing.”

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