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ADAM: I seek a woman I do not know, yet already I will bless her skin

BROTHERS: let us dance and perform carpentry as an outlet for our sevenfold lust

ADAM: you will be a wife to me

MILLY: yes to only you and none of your relatives

ADAM: you will be a wife to everyone we live with

MILLY: no, only yours

ADAM: a wife to me and a servant to them, then

MILLY: steal for me six shadows, six twins, six simulacra of that which is of myself, to serve the house
bring me the women who will suffer with me

BROTHERS: we have produced a barn
now who will give us their daughters for sex and dish washing

BROTHERS: Brother, we are miserable as beasts, for we are surrounded by animals and trees, yet cannot mate with any of them

GIDEON: there is nothing to put sex in for us here

ADAM: I have learned from this book of the past that women are kidnappable

CALEB: I met a woman once

ADAM: perfect

WOMAN: I feign the child

WOMAN: I will also feign the child

WOMAN: the false child is mine

TOWNSPEOPLE: let them stay kidnapped

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