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XIR182676 Jason and Medea, 1759 (oil on canvas) by Loo, Carle van (1705-65); 63x79 cm; Musee des Beaux-Arts, Pau, France; (add.info.: murdered her own children when Jason left her;); Giraudon; French,  out of copyright

hey babe im gonna be out late tonight
dont wait up
you’ll have to take care of the kids but it should be pretty easy
theyre dead so
you dont really have to do anything lol


MEDEA: Jason
i love you SO much
JASON: ahh
i love you too
MEDEA: and i’ll do everything i can to make sure you complete the tasks my father set before you
JASON: ahh thank you so much
MEDEA: then just to be safe
i’ll murder my brother
JASON: what
MEDEA: to make sure my family is distracted when i leave with you
JASON: what


babe i just want you to know
that there is nothing i wouldn’t poison for you
like even if it was someone that didn’t need poisoning
or someone i shouldnt have poisoned
i would still poison them for you


if you fuckers think im going to A put on a shirt or B let these kids out of this cave along you’ve got two things coming 
because if there’s one thing i hate more than letting children live when im in a bad mood
its keeping me from getting a little sun and fresh air on my tits


oh, hell
I could have chopped up ALL my brothers instead of just one to distract everyone
that would have taken them much longer, to find all my brother-pieces


MEDEA: here drink this
i made it for you
JASON: what’s in it?
MEDEA: i love you
SO much
JASON: i love you too
so what’s in it?
MEDEA: hate is a bottomless cup that pours and pours
JASON: what?
MEDEA: grape
grape is a bottomless cup


hi babe i made you somethingggg
for you to drink
with your mouuuuthhh
in front of me while i watch you
unrelated everything behind me is dead??
so we should probably get that cleaned up

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