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haha ok
great, great touching and kissing
so just on the count of three we’ll both push away a little bit and stand separately for a minute, okay?
haha okay one more kiss okay but now we’re really going to do it
here we go


ahhh you are both
so close to just shaking hands
which i am super happy to do
instead of face-petting and pointing at me
but this is good too
the petting and the pointing
it’s all part of saying hello


I – okay
just let me know how much longer you need my whole wrist for?
I can just keep resting my shins against this hillock until you’re done with whatever you need to immobilize me for, it’s no problem


it’s kind of hard for me to braid your hair when you keep leaning away from me like that
oh no 
is it 
you’re still doing it
this is awful 
i guess you’re going to have to stop putting your hands on my head without asking first, then


okay but remember how we talked about how cuddling isn’t actually a part of singing though
like i love your enthusiasm but it is not necessary, for singing


you made one big mistake when you came up for a stealth embrace, pal
you left my scything hand free

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