1. Our mainpage teasers are now going to be 400 characters or less for UNIFORMITY, but I assure you, the link roundup remains the same inside.

  2. Our quest to transform The Toast into a Hamilton fanpage continued apace this week with Nicole's ode to Leslie Odom, Jr. and Kendra James' reflection on the show's themes and timeliness. How lucky we are to be alive right now!

    A Linguist Explains the Grammar of Shipping

    I talked to Arissa Oh, American historian and Friend of The Toast, about the history of Korean adoption and what it can teach us about the rise and…

  3. Toasties, let's all eat cake. Also, what's your favorite vegetarian entree that doesn't involve carrots, bell peppers, or tofu?

  4. um:

    Alfredo Prieto’s case has been reassigned to U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson, a former prosecutor appointed to the bench by President George W. Bush.

    In a profile of Hudson in connection with his overseeing the sentencing of Michael Vick in 2007,’s legal analyst focused on Hudson’s tough-on-crime approach to the law. “In a campaign for commonwealth attorney,” the story noted, “Hudson used a large button that said,…

  5. Talk amongst yourselves.

  6. I usually devote the first two spots in the link roundup to Important Things In The World, but today I have to give the primo spot to Choire's profile of Ina Garten, every word of which is a feast for the senses: Shopkeeper Ina, TV Ina, and cookbook Ina are and are not about domesticity. Ina-ness is about coziness, but it's not ever about the woman's place being the kitchen. It's less sexist, and…

  7. How NYC's Chinatown has stayed Chinatown: Here are portraits of what could be called the Chinatown Establishment: a collection of people with deep roots in the neighborhood and unusual influence in shaping its future. Some wield familiar levers of power, like political position and real-estate portfolios. Others are included for reasons more particular to the neighborhood: pastors to the devout, third-generation herbalists, restaurateurs, labor activists (who have more muscle in Chinatown than just about…

  8. READ THIS (on how students victimized by predatory colleges are fighting back):


    Rebecca Carroll on her anger:

    I’m angry that I was surrendered into adoption by a white mother whose exotification and resentment of black men resulted in my unwanted existence, and then adopted by white parents who are, for the most part, willfully colorblind. I’m angry that not one of these parents –

  9. This is a really depressing piece (American teen Muslims in the age of Ben Carson et al):

    Beydoun said: “I see a lot of awful things in the media; people dying, discrimination, politicians being disgusting, but this really hit home because that was me he was talking about.” “I’m educated enough to know that what he’s saying is absolutely against the constitution, but what about all the kids in my area who…

  10. Happy Friday, Toast! Last night I had a lot of feelings and cookie dough before bed and dreamed that Lin-Manuel Miranda was going to run for President and fix all our problems. I was pretty disappointed when I woke up and remembered who's actually running. It's thrown my whole day off. This week, Mallory rewrote the fairy tale The Six Swans, and it was lovely. Leaving a cocktail party early to eat some bison and other…

  11. Tootsies, why isn't every salad covered by a huge piece of cheese?

  12. guys my hamilton obsession is getting scary, half my day is now just texting Matt Lubchansky to see where he currently is in HIS eternal loop of the cast recording, help me. also, LOOK AT THE CASTING LIST, THIS IS SO GREAT

    [HAMILTON] Yo, Eliza, I don’t have a dollar to my name An acre of land, a troop to command, a dollop of fame All I have

  13. This is a GREAT profile of Friend of The Toast Sam Irby:

    There is no summing up Sam—no writerly preface, no small-talk tidbits, no rundown of vital stats that can suffice. She is irreducible, like a prime number, or a quark. Mention a recent story about her that she didn't much like, and she'll snort. "I told my friend Robbie I wished that thing had been called 'FAT NIGGA TELLS

  14. Richard Lawson is divine on Stonewall:

    Stonewall insists, with its hokey story about Danny’s personal growth and struggles with his family back home in Indiana, that what actually happened isn’t good enough. That no one will care unless there’s a beautiful young white man at the center of the story. Because who is more wonderful, compelling, appealing than that? Which may sadly be the opinion of certain corners of the market, but…

  15. All I did yesterday was listen to the Hamilton cast recording, which is streaming in full on NPR. It is perfect. I wish only that you could see Daveed Diggs' unbelievably sexy/funny swagger, and Jonathan Groff's...well, here: You'll only take a couple losses if you can't see Hamilton with your own eyes, King George being the biggest. When I saw the show, Jonathan Groff was so absurd he made Leslie Odom Jr., playing Aaron…