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  1. Be yourself, but more outgoing and less argumentative.

  2. May your favorite diner stay a well-kept secret.

  3. Don’t expect the conversation with your friend to extinguish your anxiety; your anxiety won’t go that easy. It’s braided and baked into you, part of your dough. She won’t have any magic words to change that. Honesty doesn’t trump anxiety. What it does often do is reduce it down to proper proportions, make it a more manageable size.

  4. She probably meant no offense; she just forgot her manners or, more likely, slipped and gave voice to the truth she believes, the truth that lives in her head. Unlike her, I didn't have the luxury of forgetting myself or my place.

  5. You listen to the quiet hum of your best friends’ breathing, the ocean baptizing the shore again and again. This moment is the closest thing to home you’ve felt in a long time.

  6. It’s exhausting to be imposed upon, to be the always responsible party – to be, in essence, the parent in what is supposed to be a household of grown-ups.

  7. Dear Rora: I love you, and so I am letting you go. I love you no less in saying this; in fact, maybe I can love you more freely now that I can say that I am not responsible for you. I cannot help you. I am not even near brave enough to call you because I am afraid of the gaping silence at the other end of the line. I don’t know where you…

  8. Brands are not our friends.

    Politicians are not our friends.

    Our parents are not our friends.

    Our friend’s parents are not our friends, no matter how many times they invite you over even after your friend moved out.

    Bosses are not our friends.

    Coworkers are not our friends.

    Mary in HR is not our friend.

    Mary didn’t invite us to her clothing swap because she is not our friend.

    That girl from

  9. Feel free to ask Aunt Acid a variety of questions at at any time. Previous installments can be found here. Hi Aunt Acid, I have quite a lot of creative and artistic friends, working in various bits of fashion and art and culture and design. I don't have such a job -- I work in a mildly interesting, stable office job in a sector that is interesting and fun…

  10. 1. At first it’s probably not obvious that you are their only nonwhite friend. Maybe you can’t remember them hanging out with any people of color except for you, but you don't know all the people they know. All those tiny thumbnails of white faces, commenting on their political status updates and praising their selfies on Facebook -- that’s Facebook, what can it really tell you about someone's life? Sure, you might go over to your friend's place for…

  11. At our last session, Sarah suggests I join group of like-minded people. Maybe that way, she tells me, I could meet friends who aren’t necessarily colleagues and possibly one of those new-found friends might have a friend of her own that she might consider worthy of my company, and maybe she’d introduce us, and it might be awkward at first, as these things so often are, but perhaps after a drink or a