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  1. In June of this year, writer Tamara Winfrey Harris released The Sisters Are Alright: Changing The Broken Narrative of Black Women in America. According to The Washington Post, Harris writes “specifically of black women, and taking care to avoid conflating the black male experience with the definition of the black experience, period.” In this pivotal cultural moment when black men’s lives are often the focal point of the Black Lives Matter movement, Harris’ work…

  2. A strange thing happened on October 8th. Commentary began to circulate about an interview with Chris Brown in the Guardian, propelled by the implications of an offhand reference he made to his own sexual history. Brown described his first sexual encounter at the age of eight with a teenage girl. The reaction itself, originating largely from a Flavorwire response to the interview, arrived on a Tuesday, a full four days after the interview was…

  3. Feminism has been having problems online for a while. Which makes perfect sense, because feminism has been having problems offline for a couple centuries. Race, class, ability, gender essentialism, the debates on who counts, who gets heard, and whose issues get attention started the moment the movement named itself. From “borrowing” from the rights of the Seneca Nation, to the battles of Ida B. Wells, and onward, there has been a discussion happening about feminism's…

  4. "Forget genre jails. Forget the gay-bashing scene that still manages to be treacly. Forget furtive college kisses. Brilliant queer fiction the way fiction was meant to get writ. Socrates did the meditative and philosophical. Baldwin did the engaged and enraged. Turing did it by the numbers. We’re doing it all—smart nonfiction, fresh and timeless... If you’re an LGBTQ writer or art-maker of any stripe at all, we want to publish you! We’re interested in truly…

  5. Here is your generous and delightful lesbian news for the day. Kimberly McLeod, who is magnificent, penned a lovely letter to LGBT celebrities of varying degrees of outness in Ebony (An aside. Do you follow Ebony on Twitter? You should. They have an excellent Twitter account) today: Like many lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth, I remember first turning to the media to find reflections of myself. The depictions, far and few in between, were oftentimes limited. (The lesbian…

  6. It has been a pretty rad week on Twitter for addressing some of the issues with non-intersectional mainstream feminism. If you haven’t seen the #solidarityisforwhitewomen hashtag started by @karynthia that's been trending on Twitter the whole world over, you should go right ahead and check it out. Here is an article written by Mikki Kendall herself, explaining what the movement is all about.

    #Solidarityisforwhitewomen speaks to the experiences of women

  7. Trigger warning at the author's request: This post discusses racism, racist violence, anti-Black racism, anti-Black racist violence, transphobia, and gendered violence at length. 

    I write this article at an important time in history, but also in my own personal life. I am reeling from the not-guilty verdict in the case of the murder of Trayvon Martin over a week ago. At the same time, I am preparing to defend my Masters’ thesis, on