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  1. Obviously, Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello. The entire male cast of Magic Mike XXL, really, all wet noses and unbridled enthusiasm and hanging their heads out of car windows and sniffing things for the sheer joy of being alive. If Labrador Retrievers had abs, it would be these men. Fights are quickly dissolved into celebrations of life. They probably eat garbage, and kick their legs in the air if you scratch them in the right place.

  2. Have you always longed for the ability to wrap your torso in evidence of Ronbledore, but lacked both the courage of your convictions and the necessary textiles? Long no more, friends. Here is help at last. Bust out your purchasin' fingers and hie thee hence to Teespring and order yourself a passel of Ronbledore's Army T-shirts. "Will half of the profits go to the original artists Kendra Wells and Matt Lubchansky?"…

  3. Getcher girl tips while they're still girly!

  4. One of my best friends and I both have mind-numbing desk jobs. In order to survive said desk jobs, we spend most of our days Facebook chatting with each other. We use all-caps far more than is probably necessary. Our conversations very often veer into highly bizarre territory. Sometimes it's fiction, sometimes it's commentary, and it's always weird. Lately, it's focused mostly on Snoop Dogg's semi-recent decision to rename himself Snoop Lion. Teagan He's motherfucking Snoop and…

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