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Have you always longed for the ability to wrap your torso in evidence of Ronbledore, but lacked both the courage of your convictions and the necessary textiles? Long no more, friends. Here is help at last. Bust out your purchasin’ fingers and hie thee hence to Teespring and order yourself a passel of Ronbledore’s Army T-shirts.

“Will half of the profits go to the original artists Kendra Wells and Matt Lubchansky?” you ask.

But of course! Now go and buy that passel with a clear conscience and a light heart.

“When was the last time you got into an argument in a bar with somebody over the shirt you were wearing? I feel like this shirt puts you closer to that goal. Maybe not a hitting fight, but like a spirited debate with swearies. I don’t know what kind of place you hang out in.”



“You know if you told me at 20 that I would be 41 years old and doing extended fanfic jokes on tee shirts for a misandrist website, I probably would have told you ‘exactly.'”


“What do you think Matt and Jaya are doing right now? I bet they’re at work. Man, real work just sucks.”

matt jaya

Stop at nothing to get yours. You have until May 19th.

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