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  1. Given that pundits like to go on about character, and how we used to have it and now we don’t, I thought it might be interesting to go back and look at some of the Sunday-school songs Americans were using to help children grow in “character” when we were -- supposedly -- better at it. What, exactly, can we learn from these songs?

  2. Kelly Davio's previous Waiting Room columns for The Butter can be found here. As a woman, you never know when the question is coming—only that it is. You may be having a perfectly innocuous conversation about the traffic, your favorite brand of peanut butter, or even your latest dental work when someone springs it on you: “You have kids, right?” This spring, while I was representing the literary journal I co-edit at a small…

  3. Hi Toasties, how are you this Friday afternoon? I have just acquired three new books, lots of good beer, and a shoe cabinet the size of Rhode Island, so I cannot complain.

  4. Previously by Molly Knefel: Growing Up Gender Nonconforming Every girl at sports camp, it seemed to me, was there for cheerleading. As a second-grader (well, summer-before-third-grader), I harbored a Daria-like disdain for the cheerleaders, fueled by their much greater hatred of me. We stayed in college dorms, two rooms with two girls each, adjoined by a bathroom. I got placed with three girls who were already best friends. In my memory, they all look alike…

  5. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mallory for having bought my kids this book two years ago. It is literally the greatest book for babies ever, and there are only a few left in stock so GET ON A WAITING LIST OR SOMETHING. I will now explain why it is so perfect. Then you can tell me what YOU buy for babies.

  6. Previous Loco Parentis columns can be found here. Before I had my son, I was never very good with kids. They’re like these weird, short people who don’t make any sense, don’t follow social cues, and are somehow always sticky. They’re unpredictable. Sometimes they scream and hide if you make eye contact with them and sometimes they want to sit on your lap before they even know your name. This is all to say,…

  7. I was sitting in my gynecologist’s office, waiting to get my IUD removed so my husband and I can have a baby, when the woman across from me began telling a nurse about her daughter who killed herself the previous year.

    “Her first boyfriend broke up with her,” the other patient said. “She didn’t think she’d get anyone else.” 

    “Last year? You’re in good shape,” said the nurse. “I’d

  8. This will probably work best if it is a kid that belongs to you in some official capacity; you will need to begin a campaign of supervised book-giving at an early age, and it's most easily managed if you're able to do so while under the same roof. This should result in a pretty good person. If it doesn't, give me a call and we can discuss where you went wrong. Age Three --…