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  1. Sweet-n-Sour Potatoes With Some Hot Fruit

    "A cook in a jacket, a short petticoat and sabots, brought my supper: to wit—some meat, nature unknown, served in an odd and acid, but pleasant sauce; some chopped potatoes, made savoury with, I know not what: vinegar and sugar, I think: a tartine, or slice of bread and butter, and a baked pear."

  2. Jane Eyre is a book about a woman who hates feeling comfortable. Every meal that passes her lips is full of gravel and self-sufficiency. Sometimes she drinks tea, but more often than not she turns it down suspiciously, for what if within the tea someone had secretly placed the bonds of servitude?? Here is every meal she begrudgingly eats before running away into the hills.

  3. Wuthering Heights is the story of a group of people who eat the most miserable meals imaginable, and cannot experience love as a result. Sometimes they have tea, but more often they are merely offered it, and decide they are too furious to have tea, and die instead. Here is every meal the characters of Wuthering Heights almost eat before being interrupted by sex-rage and dying.

  4. "Some asteroids may die before ever reaching the sun."

  5. This was an extraordinarily disappointing article, because the headline led me to believe that researchers had somehow discovered the first cases of sadness in children?

  6. This charming man As merry as the days were long he knows so much about these things He's not strange He just wants to live his life this way


    Fifteen minutes with you I wouldn't say no I can surely rely on you How much I love your casual way


    The good life is out there somewhere we can go wherever we please Vivid and in your prime and…

  7. There are a great many sad songs in the world, but it is my belief that only the sad songs you heard as a child can truly speak to the strange and the inchoate sadness in your individual soul. If you grew up on Billy Joel, only Billy Joel can break your heart (I have a deeply specific musical frame of reference; it cannot be helped). Growing up, in our house there were roughly six CDs…

  8. Mallory's Who Is the Saddest Girl? piece had one glaring omission. Literally no one can be sadder than the sad girl in Stars' (awesome) "Elevator Love Letter."

    Let's revisit:

    1. She's so hard for a rich girl.
    2. Her heels are high, her eyes cast low.
    3. She doesn't know how to love.