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  1. It was not until I found the "Waves in art" and "Paintings of nude females in the sea" categories on Wikimedia Commons that I realized how big a part of art was just women seeming sexually aroused by the ocean? Not even mermaids, it's a whole different thing.

  2. The sea is full of haters. Light cannot penetrate its depths after a few dozen feet, due to the unusual concentration of haters lurking just below the ocean's surface. The first humans crawled out of the sea ages ago because they knew that if they wanted to get anything done like legs or talking, they'd have to get away from the non-stop hating and criticism. So we got out of there pretty fast. HATERS OF…

  3. 1. “When you get to Copenhagen, don’t give your grandfather a hard time,” my mother says at the airport. We’re to board the QE2 in Copenhagen and sail with my grandparents for two weeks. I’m 17. My grandmother, who has owned her own travel agency since the 1960s, specializes in group travel. She’s got groups of 15-50 wherever she goes and if she’s sells enough rooms on the QE2, they throw her an extra one…

  4. Question: Should I sail around the world with my kids? 

    You had these children, clothed and fed them, got them to the doctor and the dentist and made sure their hands were washed before they ate - and now you want to take them into the wide, wide ocean? You want to offer their adorable faces, with their big cheeks and bright eyes, up to Poseidon and the winds and the weather! Did you

  5. You awake from cryofreeze to find no one listened to your warnings. The sea swallowed the Earth, and marine life enslaved all humans. Now the only way to freedom is to kill for it in the Undersea Thunderdome. Blood sport is the zenith of entertainment for marine royalty, and if you impress them, you may earn back a small amount of the respect you had as a TerraGeneral. Before your first match, the other gladiators…

  6. Welcome to The Toast's inaugural advice column from two disparate and imperfect persons. We are open to better names for it. Sometimes Mallory will take one, or Nicole will take one, or we'll both give it a shot. Like sleep, we will knit up the raveled sleave of care.  All right, look, I read all the advice columns. I've read similar stories over and over. But now it's happening to me, which makes it slightly more important.