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  1. I never expected anything like The Toast.

  2. The Toast has acquired another Nicole as part of our long-term plan to absorb every woman with that name in the next five years. Please give the warmest, Toastiest welcome you can muster to Nicole Chung! She's ours now, and we are hers.

  3. Have you always longed for the ability to wrap your torso in evidence of Ronbledore, but lacked both the courage of your convictions and the necessary textiles? Long no more, friends. Here is help at last. Bust out your purchasin' fingers and hie thee hence to Teespring and order yourself a passel of Ronbledore's Army T-shirts. "Will half of the profits go to the original artists Kendra Wells and Matt Lubchansky?"…

  4. Mallory has gone to Utah to visit Nicole, and Utah has thus far lived up to all expectations. We will be providing you with semi-regular updates of our adventures together, because life is short and time is fleeting. So far we have made carnitas and pumpkin chocolate-chip bread and gone to the mall. Sunday night, the cat (heretofore known as Cat) dragged a mouse (hereby known as Brimley) into the master bedroom, where both of…

  5. Call off the search! Call off the dogs! Call off the searching dogs. She has been found. The Toast has acquired its first helpmeet, and her name pulses with strange and crystalline energies. She is Maria, and she is our third heat. She does not live in New York and is receiving money for her work. Just a reminder that those things are possible. From Maria herself:

    Maria Seiferle-Valencia joins the