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oh my god
did you guys do all this for me??
you didnt have to do that
oh my god you guys this is such a surprise, that all of this is for me


oh my godddd
you guyyyyys
im not even ready
i swear to god im not even ready
i look so terrible
im not ready!!!
because i look so terrible


shut up
dont look at me
dont you look at me!!!
i look AWFUL so dont look ok


you guys didnt have to do this!
i honestly would have been fine with just like half a dozen putti
and three or four handmaidens
like a dozen handmaidens max would have been FINE honestly


thanks but i dont need a cloak or anything
why dont you just keep it
i honestly think it would look better on you


please dont make a big deal out of it
its honestly just a few lions
just treat me like you would anyone else
id honestly feel more comfortable
just ignore the lions
i just want to be normal


you guys dont have to get out and tow
i mean
thats so sweet
if you want to get out and tow me
that’s really sweet of you guys


you guyyyys
you dont have to KNEEL
you can just bow!!


oh hi everybody
sorry im late
did i interrupt anything


you guys didn’t have to do all this!!
im still in my clamshell im not even ready!


guys i cannnnnt come
im still doing my hair!!
im not even readyyyyy
hahahaha ok ok you guyyyys stop insisting
i’ll come to your party!!


you guys are so sweet
i honestly can get up and walk if you want
but youre so sweet to carry me like this
i like honestly appreciate it so much 

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