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  1. Movie Yelling With Jaya and Matt: Fear
    Jaya: but also, and I know this is BOTHERSOME, but if a boy I liked just showed up in my room shirtless when I was 16 I would absolutely be DTF
    Matt: glad that media is finally recognizing how horny ALL teens are

  2. MALLORY: so this is not an Avengers movie

    NICOLE: No.

    MALLORY: even though a lot of Avengers were in it
    this was a specifically Captain America movie

    NICOLE: It is a Captain America movie.

  3. N.B. 1: I mostly enjoyed this movie, except for the parts which made me furious, which I loved, because I really enjoy getting furious.

    N.B. 2: This is unrelated but it felt pretty messed up that Captain America would kiss that blonde girl

  4. TEA AND SYMPATHY: okay this is Tom, who is Morrissey
    Tom has beautiful hair and ten thousand sweaters and no one understands him

    ME [quietly, from the audience]: oh my God
    I understand him

  5. Jaya: OKAY MOVIE YELLING. How did it take us until 2016 to even hear of this movie?
    Matt: I have no idea! I feel like it existed 100% outside my consciousness until our friend told us about it the other week

  6. So everyone's talking about how mad The Witch made us, the American moviegoing dum-dum, and it did make me mad, and I am one of those dum-dums.

  7. Nicole finally pulled the "I won't be seeing the new Star Wars for a long time because I have two children and a new puppy" on me, which she should have done a long time ago, because by holding out until now, I thought she never would.

  8. Nicole: Okay, let's just get this out of the way IMMEDIATELY: obviously this is the greatest movie ever made.
    Mallory: I think at ten different points throughout the movie one or both of us leaned over to the other and said "This is the best movie I have ever seen."