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  1. 1. I know the Kitty Genovese story wasn't exactly as egregious as it's become in our popular imagination, but Lord love me, I'm a follower, and there are few things I love more than the diminished moral culpability that comes with being part of a big crowd.

  2. Hope you're all enjoying yourselves, or at the very least full. Probably not now, obviously, it's 11 am, or 8am, depending on where you are. But soon.

  3. Why, today is Thanksgiving! You may consult here for more information.

  4. Previously: The best line readings in When Harry Met Sally. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is the greatest movie about Thanksgiving ever made, and John Candy is one of the greatest things the human race has ever produced. He was a funny man, and he was a good person, and he often wore hats with furry ear flaps on them; today let us remember him. Neal (in dawning horror): Those aren't pillows. Car rental agent…

  5. Today is American Thanksgiving! You may have some feelings about it, or you might have already celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, or you might just really like stuffing. Here is your place to talk amongst yourselves about that.

  6. The Thanksgiving edition of Dad Magazine is here.

  7. You'll have lots of opportunities to talk about what you're thankful for tomorrow, and we'll have a nice open thread for you then (and the newest DAD MAGAZINE.) But it's nice to have a place to have a good, solid, whinefest about your stupid cousin and the fridge door you had to duct-tape closed because we now breed turkeys the size of emus. Your orthotics cost how much? Your sister borrowed your copy of…

  8. 1. Today is a day to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to Canadians. 2. Do not call it "Canadian Thanksgiving." 3. I cannot stress that strongly enough. 4. Canada has never engaged in any bad colonialism-related behavior of any kind, all Canadians have always lived in the castle, so there is no need whatsoever to feel emotionally or politically conflicted about that. 5. The song you will hear most Canadians sing today is "O Canada," which goes:…